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Talmey Bilu – Zimmer's Olive Grove

“Close your eyes and imagine: a pastoral scene, a broad and infinite landscape, a beautiful olive orchard and plowed fields. And exquisite sunsets not seen in any other place”
Kerem Hazeitim Guest Rooms, Moshav Talmei Bilu
Chico Bachar
Telephone: 077-3201083, Fax: 077- 3205083, Mobile: 054-6602199, mail: orlyba@zahav.net.il 

Kerem Hazeitim

Among the oldest guest rooms in the northern Negev, a quality site of guest rooms which have everything good for any type of guest- secular, religious, small or large groups, families, couples, singles and guests who live close by and are looking for guest rooms in the area which are not too far away. Guest rooms at Beer-Sheva, at Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat-Gat, Lahavim, Meitar and Omer. 

The guest rooms at Talmei Bilu are the heart and center of all worlds.

The guest rooms at Kerem Hazeitim (Olives vineyard) have just about everything: guest rooms with spa, with a pool, with jacuzzi and guest room with sauna.

When Chico and Orly Bachar established the guest rooms at Kerem Hazeitim and Talmei Bilo there were hardly any guest rooms in the northern Negev.
And those that were there had low occupancy and hardly advertised themselves.
The northern Negev is a very attractive and spacious region.
It is close to everywhere. More central than what is taken for the center of the country, yes, look at the map and you will see for yourself.
Chico is one of the pioneers of tourism in the northern Negev.
The purpose was for tourism, to bring guests who would get to know better this amazing pearl which most just pass by. The purpose was to bring as great a variety of guest as is possible. With this in mind Chico planned and built the site which is good for all types of visitors.


Welcome to Israel northern Negev – You are going to love it !!

If you are guests from abroad, visiting Israel and looking for a new direction in what you visited in the past, visit the guest rooms at Kerem Hazeitim in the northern Negev.
They are a new place which should be visited and spent time at.
The weather is excellent and pleasant during all the seasons of the year.
The summer season is the most appropriate for tourists from abroad and the most pleasant time for them.

Three guest cabins

Three guest cabins opposite Kerem HaZeitim are striking and add a flavor which produces a mystical air.
The green cabin, the blue cabin and the wood cabin.
The three cabins blend well into the pastoral a landscape of the northern Negev, which in their season reminds us of northern Israel but still gives a feeling of the desert, especially in the summer, a characteristic which is special to the northern Negev.
The cabins are roomy, very clean, well-cared for and designed in good taste.
Each cabin has an air-conditioned bedroom with a jacuzzi, cable television, DVD.
a shower and a wide air-conditioned living room with convertible couches for additional guests or children, a dining area and a small well-equipped kitchenette.


Not at every guest room site are you able to get the complete package.
For this Chico has invested for his guests at the site in a spa and completely equipped pool, a dry sauna, a large jacuzzi big enough for a group and the prize piece, a large 52.5 sq meter pool for families, couples and groups.
 A complete package to pamper our guests without a minute of boredom.

Events, activities and workshops

The landscape of the northern Negev which surrounds the Kerem Hazeitim site is a fine base for all types and kinds of events such as bachelor parties for grooms and brides to be, select groups, families who love originality and style, couples or individuals, one can celebrate with us birthdays, marriage anniversaries, bar/bat mitzva, group consolidation, workshops and various activities for companies, organizations, plants and workers committees.
In coordination with a definition of your requirements we can convert this place to your requirements.
In our area there is an excellent catering services, pizza, all kinds of inflatable accessories for children, instructors and trainers, etc.
If you wish to celebrate an event or arrange a meeting with a special atmosphere, get in touch with us and we will make all the arrangements for your requirements.
Kerem Hzeitim Guest Rooms
Moshav Talmei Bilu
Chico Bachar
Telephone: 077-3201083
Fax: 077- 3205083
Mobile: 054-6602199
mail: orlyba@zahav.net.il